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Michelle Aavitsland

Michelle Aavitsland is a Norwegian pop singer and songwriter, with a soft and warm voice. Already as a twelve-year-old she got her first record contract with Growing City, where she released her debut album "Michelle Aavitsland" in Norwegian.


In 2015 Michelle made her mark as a songwriter when she released her first single in English, "Broken Diamond". She started to write all her own music and in 2016 she released two more singles. Out of the two "Never Change" become her biggest hit. On YouTube she got many hundred thousands of views and she played concerts on festivals with popular Norwegian artists like Erik & Kriss and Trang Fødsel. She was also honored with the highly rated Tono Young Talents Stipend for her work on "Never Change".  

All this before she turned 20.

All the songs on her debutlbum were produced by Knut Bjørnar Aphol, who is well known for his cooperation with the winner of Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, Alexander Rybak and the children music group Superbarna. Thorstein Lofthus, the drummer of D'Sound, Shining and Elephant9 band played on the album. Songs from the album were frequently played on Norwegian radio stations, one of the programs was the popular Morgenklubben med Loven og Co. on Radio Norge.

The last years, Michelle Aavitsland has developed as a songwriter, and in October 2015 she released her first English-spoken single "Broken Diamond" where she also stood behind the lyrics and melody. The song got huge success, and was played on several radio-stations. After only a few weeks, the music video reached over 100 000 views, and the song got many hundred thousands of streams on Spotify. From 2016 she started to write all the songs by herself, an released "Believe in Love" and "Never Change" with music videoes. The songs were listed on several radio stations, and Norway´s biggest independent music magazine Hissig wrote a big article about her success, and right after, one of the biggest Norwegian magazines, Båtens Verden, wrote about the story behind "Never Change".

During Michelles career as an artist, she has performed at the Northern hemispheres biggest boat expo Båter i sjøen, Drøbak Blues Festival, Aker Brygge, Oscarsborg Festning and been the warmup artist for successful Norwegian bands as Erik and Kriss and Trang Fødsel. In 2012 Michelle received the annual culture stipend from the County of Frogn, and was the youngest recipient ever have been awarded this. In 2016 she received the "Tono Young Talents" stipend for her work with the single "Never Change".
Michelle has just graduated from the College of Ski, where she studied music for three years. Right after college, she started on a Bachelor in popular music at the prestigious, Westerdals School of Arts (earlier named NISS) in Oslo.


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Michelle Aavitsland

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